MLK to Buchanan – Do You Know What Civil Disobedience Is For?

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On January 23, 1979, Pat Buchanan had this to say about Martin Luther King Jr.: To Black Americans and many whites, Dr. King was the essence of everything good about America. To millions of others, not all of them racists, he was something else: the most divisive figure in the century’s most divisive decade. A […]

Ethics of Football as “The Only Way Out” for Urban Boys

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My spouse and I worshipped at an historic Black Baptist Church in New York City a few weeks ago. During the welcome and remarks, the worship leader acknowledged the church-sponsored youth basketball team for playing its way into the AAU national tournament. A little later in the service, the leader acknowledged a young man who […]

Memo to the Black Church: It’s Not about Religion (necessarily), It’s about Equality

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President Obama’s public declaration of support for Gay Marriage has been called many things by pundits, supporters, and opponents alike; political calculation, foot-dragging, brave, incendiary, too slow, not comprehensive enough, too little too late. Of the many responses towards President Obama, the most frustrating charge has come from circles within the historically Black Church: betrayal. […]

Is There No God (or Religion) in Panem?

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The highly anticipated movie, The Hunger Games, based on the Suzanne Collins novel of the same name, has earned huge box office receipts ($155 million on its opening weekend to be exact). After devouring the novels in the trilogy, reading all three in a span of three days, I must admit that I was one […]

Introducing Practical Matters

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As the managing editors of Practical Matters journal, we are thrilled to forge this partnership with State of Formation and its readership. Practical Matters is a graduate-student run, transdisciplinary, multimedia journal that seeks to ask and provoke new questions about religious practices and practical theology. Founded in 2007, Practical Matters publishes peer-reviewed scholarship in several […]

Black at the Movies – Critical Lessons from Red Tails and Pariah

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It is rare that we get a movie featuring a predominantly African-American cast that is not 1) released straight to dvd, 2) a comedy, or 3) poorly written by Tyler Perry (see Roland Martin rant here). Yet, here we are in January 2012, fortunate to have not one, but two films that fit these criteria. I […]