MLK to Buchanan – Do You Know What Civil Disobedience Is For?

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On January 23, 1979, Pat Buchanan had this to say about Martin Luther King Jr.: To Black Americans and many whites, Dr. King was the essence of everything good about America. To millions of others, not all of them racists, he was something else: the most divisive figure in the century’s most divisive decade. A […]

Ethics of Football as “The Only Way Out” for Urban Boys

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My spouse and I worshipped at an historic Black Baptist Church in New York City a few weeks ago. During the welcome and remarks, the worship leader acknowledged the church-sponsored youth basketball team for playing its way into the AAU national tournament. A little later in the service, the leader acknowledged a young man who […]

Memo to the Black Church: It’s Not about Religion (necessarily), It’s about Equality

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President Obama’s public declaration of support for Gay Marriage has been called many things by pundits, supporters, and opponents alike; political calculation, foot-dragging, brave, incendiary, too slow, not comprehensive enough, too little too late. Of the many responses towards President Obama, the most frustrating charge has come from circles within the historically Black Church: betrayal. […]

Connecticut and the Death Penalty, a Faith-Based Perspective

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[The following is cross-posted at State of Formation, here.] The forthcoming issue of Practical Matters (Issue 5: Violence and Peace, release date May 4, 2012), features my interview with the Reverend Raphael G. Warnock, pastor of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA, the home church of Martin Luther King, Jr. In our extended conversation, entitled […]